ABS Inspection Services Serving Central Florida for 20 years! ABS Inspection Services, the trusted leader in Central Florida Home Inspection and Pest Control.

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After more than a decade in the Home Inspection Business I’ve seen many fly-by-night Home inspectors come and go. I feel sorry for the home buyers that are victimized by these unscrupulous operators.

You see, ABS Inspection Services understands that this is an important step in your life. With the economic challenges of today, there is simply no room for error or estimation. You need to know more than ever that your investment is a safe and wise one. ABS wants to ensure that you have an enjoyable real estate experience.

So at ABS Inspection Services we make sure that you receive the highest quality inspection in the business, but also an inspection that you trust...and understand! We want you to understand every result of our inspection so we speak to you professionally, clearly, and with your best interest in mind.

How Do We Compare with our competition?

We find more defects than our competition.  The end result is that you save more money.  Most contracts allow negotiations with the seller to make repairs or give you credit at closing.  So the more defects our inspector finds the more money you save.

The More Thorough We Are, The More Defects We Find, The More Money You Save!

  • How do I make an appointment?
ABS Inspections does Home Inspections and Pest Control every day of the week, but you don't so we expect you to have questions. We want you to be comfortable with the process, so we encourage you to contact us and ask us any questions you might have
  • Home Inspection: We have inspected homes for over 20 years.
  • Mold Inspection: Our professionals will thoroughly test for mold.
  • Termite Inspection: We are an experienced Termite Inspection Company.
  • Termite Treatment: We can ensure the safety and soundness of your home.
  • Pest Control: You can trust us with ridding your Florida home of pests.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know which inspector to choose?

How many inspectors should I research before I hire one? What are the differences between inspector?

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  • Should I be home during the inspection?

I have been told I should stay home while my home is being inspected.... Is that true?

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  • How much does a home inspection cost??

There are so many different quotes I no longer know which one seems correct or even fair. How can I know what quote is the most accurate for what I need done?

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  • What kind of Inspection Report will I receive?

Inspection Reports are very confusing to me. I'd like to know what kind of report I'll recieve and then how to read it once I receive it. Is that possible?.

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Customer Survey

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Client Testimonial

From day one I have never regretted choosing ABS Inspection Services - 5 star quality with everything they do!

- Keith Ronan, St. Cloud Florida

Contact Info:

Contact: Alex Stevens - President. Service is our strength - Please contact us for a free quote
Phone: 321-624-3282. Call Monday thru Friday 9am - 5pm to schedule an appointment.
Email: We check our email often. However, we may be be currently servicing another client. We will reply asap.

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